I figure I kind of owe to you guys who stuck around that I announce my new personal. This blog is still staying here, but I post on my new one now. Thanks. Much love, Sara

She doesn’t phone me anymore, you can tell her that!


so I watched iron man three today cuz yolo or whatever even though I’d just watched every single sherlock episode at a sleepover and I just had an overload and my craving for tumblr came back and Andrew Scott and setlock and no no no….I had a life and now I’m slowly slipping back. This is bad, but the Downton Abbey references in iron man killed me. Anyways, beautiful followers I will queue stuff cuz you stuck around for my absense. Now back to reality….

Guess what? I’m not even back on tumblr…at all.

da ba dee da ba di 

Look, I’m angry, that’s new.